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Christmas, Santa, Bribery and a 2 Year Old | Gerringong Family Lifestyle Photographer

Another Christmas and festive period is done, but this year was a special one for me. While this was the third Christmas that my little boy Darcy has been here for, it was definitely the first one that he actually understood enough to be excited for the big day. 

Despite crying on Santa’s lap he seemed to take a liking to the big guy, albeit from a distance, and he was pretty keen on Santa’s trusty red nosed helper too. We swapped out his bedtime nursery rhymes with Jingle Bells, he helped with the Christmas tree and pleaded daily to open the growing piles of presents underneath the tree. As any good Mum should, I used those presents and Santa’s impending arrival as bribery for good behaviour for the full 24 days in the lead up to Christmas, I even put in a few phone calls directly to Santa himself to report some of the more significant good behaviour breaches. It was great watching him get swept up in the excitement leading up to the big day and the magic of Christmas morning was up there with that of the Christmas mornings I remember as a child.

So now the day is over and his toy garbage truck is a permanent fixture on the lounge room floor, the toy chainsaw has sawed the table legs, the Christmas tree and the dogs tail, and now I am left without wondering what I can use for bribery? The “Santa’s watching” line might lose it’s punch if repeated for 360 days, perhaps the Easter Bunny can be Santa’s offsider for the next few months…

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2016, dream big and make it happen, I plan to!