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Red Dirt Adventures | South Coast Lifestyle Photographer

At the end of February I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in the Southern Tablelands on a beautiful property, with it's own little forrest and stunning views over the the surrounding valleys and hills. As we were staying in a house that was in the process of being built we had to prepare for a weekend of glamping (that's glamorous camping for those that are more of the hotel type) ... we had a roof over our heads but no running water or electricity. Amazing how much you take those things for granted when you haven't been camping in a while! Thankfully an efficient esky kept the wine and cheese chilled so the bare necessities were all taken care of.

There was an abundance of red dirt on the property we were staying at so my son was living a two year old boys dream, the shovel was rarely out of his hands and if it was, it was only for him to sit down and build castles out of the dirt. This kind of setting is a lifestyle photographers dream! Three dirt crazy boys, endless dust and activities for the kids to get into and a perfect sunset over the countryside. While the joy of a hot shower upon our return was immensely appreciated, my weekend of glamping was pretty special and something I'm definitely looking forward to doing again.

Lifestyle photography captures memories that are real. It's the things that your family loves to do. It's the kids playing and being absorbed in their favourite activities, it's parents connecting with their kids while cooking their breakkie on a Saturday morning or playing in the park. These are memories that are so special to cherish and pass on to your kids because it's personal and it captures the love and joy of everyday life. 

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